Real Stories, Real Change

Homelessness effects the wellbeing and outlook of young people. With chaotic lifestyles and unhealthy relationships, alongside limited access to health care and support networks, young people arrive at Centrepoint and are in need of bespoke supportive services that can truly help them.

Centrepoint provides more than just a safe place to stay, hence why our long-term, holistic model of support is so important.

Centrepoint offers education, training and employment access, as well as mental and physical health support for up to two years. This inspires young people to take control of their futures and thrive. Once young people move on from our services, Centrepoint will provide support for a further six months to ensure their transition to stable housing is positive.

The young people we invest in are incredible. They are resilient, resourceful, inspiring and fearless.

Here is a further look into how our charity works with brilliant young people like Nadia, Kasim and Josh.

Image of Nadia, who used to rough sleep on the streets, but now fully recovered with Centrepoint's help

Real Homeless Stories: Nadia's Journey

At just 17, Nadia was forced to flee Ethiopia because of persecution for her political beliefs. Feeling alone and isolated, she made her way to London. She spent three months facing homelessness in the capital before she was finally referred to Centrepoint. Now that Nadia is settled, she has been able to get back to her studies and is now at college and hopes to become a nurse.

Homeless Stories: Kasim's Journey

Suffering with acute anxiety for years, school eventually became unbearable for Kasim and he started drinking heavily to block it out. Due to his drinking and substance use, his mum threw him out and after a period of homelessness, Kasim found Centrepoint. He was given support from his key worker and an in-house substance use worker and was able to talk through the issues he was dealing with as a vulnerable . Eventually he felt confident enough to try a film making course at our Dean Street service. He now hopes to return to college in order to develop his interest in film and music.

Centrepoint charity helped Kasim to recover from youth homelessness
Josh, Centrepoint's current resident. Participate in the Sleep Out fundraising event, and help homeless young people

People Sleeping Rough: Josh’s Story

Aged 12 Josh was placed with a foster family because his mum was experiencing mental health problems. Whilst trying to resettle, Josh also had to cope with bereavement; sadly losing his father and grandfather in the space of a year. Just before his 18th birthday, Josh left his foster family and eventually came to Centrepoint. Finally feeling safe and settled, Josh devoted himself to his studies and his passion for sport. With Centrepoint’s support, Josh recently moved on to study Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences at University and is now following his dream to work with top athletes.

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